Valheim 攻略。 農林


🤩Fix: Some mods will change world generation breaking the seed generator. It is the version of the game you first played when you generated the world. This is either because localstorage is full or disabled such as in safari private browsing. If the terrain on your map looks different, then you have one of the following problems. Instead reproduce the issue and then click the help icon and report a bug then. Please try clearing all data for this site before continuing. If your crypts, moder, or really any location is out of place you have almost certainly selected the wrong World Version. To date there has never been a case where the terrain looked wrong but one of the following wasn't true. I won't contact you as a result of a bug report. Even when Unity freezes this button will continue to work. If you need help figuring out your world version click the? Switch to the original site by removing the 'www' or clicking this link: The 'www' version of the site has different favorites from the main site due to a quirk in how http works. Fix: Look carefully at the fogged map. Please remeber the world version IS NOT the version you are currently playing. I'm sorry about the inconvenience! Your localstorage is full or disabled for this site. I don't support mods that alter generation right now. Directions for chrome are here: For directions for other browsers please try google or contacting me directly from the about page. You can only submit a bug once per hour. This will prevent the site from working in a lot of little ways. If you want direct help please select the about page and use the email in the contact list. If you are not in the same tab that the bug happened in this report will be useless!。 。 。



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《Valheim英灵神殿》全流程图文攻略 系统介绍及流程攻略_系统介绍






Valheim World Generator

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valheim 鉄の作り方!クズ鉄・鉄鉱石・鉄鉱脈についてまとめ

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